Due to obsolescence of some critical components and Windows XP software platform, MSI is now offering the IDTE3000 model as our standard track and torque testing platform.

The IDTE2000 model is now considered to be retired. MSI will continue to support and supply spare parts for this equipment as long as they can be sourced. A list of obsolete components are listed below.

Obsolete Components:

There is an upgrade available to convert the IDTE2000 machine to the new IDTE3000 control system. Please contact your sales representative for more information and pricing specific to your machine vintage.

catheter testing equipment
Interventional Device Testing Equipment with a camera and water bath
IDTE3000 water bath tank
IDTE3000 water bath tank
IDTE3000 Catheter testing equipment
IDTE3000 testing track and tank
IDTE3000 Catheter testing equipment
IDTE3000 Roller system and load cell

Benefits of the new software platform include:

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