Available Upgrade Options

  • Barcode Scanner
    • Eliminate process errors
    • Increase throughput
  • Audible Cycle Complete Alarm
    • Improve throughput
  • Taller Nozzles (4.15″ Tall x 0.6″ID)
    • Increase heating zone size
    • Improve cycle times (process dependent)
  • Wider Nozzles (1.5″ Tall x 1.25″ID)
    • Increases diameter of heating zones for larger products
  • Large Grippers (up to 34fr)
    • Increase gripper size for larger products *requires wider nozzles upgrade
  • Product Tension
    • Automated feedback loop for product tensioning

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Images / Video

VS1000 Vertical Shrinker Lower Nozzle
VS1000 Vertical Shrinker Lower Nozzle for catheter lamination