Premier Provider of Innovative Equipment and Services

Premier Provider of Innovative Equipment and Services
Posted December 11th, 2020 in
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Premier Provider of Innovative Equipment and Services

Machine Solutions was able to add three industry-leading technologies to the product catalog we offer our customers. These acquisitions provide our customers with a single source for diverse equipment and services to meet development, production and testing validation needs.

Machine Solutions has created a business platform to ensure business stability for long-term customer success, increases our capacity to develop the next generation of products for our engineering customers and significantly enhances our customer’s experience.


  • BW-TEC, headquartered in Höri, Switzerland, designs and manufactures a range of equipment, including balloon-forming, laser-welding, necking, testing and coating machines, and related accessories. Website Link.
  • Beahm Designs Inc. Headquartered in Milpitas, California, produces innovative thermal processing machines to perform the principal composition of catheter manufacturing. Beahm Designs’ thermal processing equipment is known throughout the medical device community as a robust solution for a wide range of plastic manufacturing processes. These foundational tools enable customers to quickly develop and manufacture innovative, lifesaving products. Website Link.
  • Crescent Design, headquartered in San Diego, designs and manufactures proprietary hydraulic burst leak test equipment, associated accessories and other auxiliary equipment used in the manufacturing of medical devices. The acquisition ofCrescent Design and its Hydraulic Burst Leak Tester adds another ISO 10555 test requirement to the list of catheter testing capabilities within Machine Solutions’ product catalog and brings a global sales and service team to support and further develop the Crescent Design technology. Website Link.

Machine Solutions has become the premier provider of innovative equipment and services to catheter manufacturers and the medical device industry.


Deliver Quality & Value

Each of Machine Solutions brands are proven market leaders with a history of exceeding customer expectations and aiding our customers to products superior products. Our equipment provides return on investment through cutting edge technology, reliability, ease of use and performance


Provide a Superior Customer Experience

Machine Solutions believes local support is key to understanding customer needs and delivering superior service. We have created a worldwide network to respond to our customers around the clock including dedicated Aftermarket specialists to ensure equipment is performing to its full capability.


Operational Excellence

Optimizing production capabilities and reducing lead-is propriety #1 for our operations team. Machine Solutions utilizes industry expert knowledge in lean manufacturing to provide the highest quality product and value to our customers.


Proven Expertise

Our consolidated companies have dozens of engineering resources ready to develop the next generation of products for our customers. Machine Solutions customers will benefit from an expedited pipeline of new products created through the strategic investment and capacity of our combined engineering resources.


Trusted Partner

Machine Solutions has created a customer focused culture. We believe our passion for providing best in class equipment and service supports customer mission to advance quality of life around the world.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]