Catheter Lamination

Catheter Reflow MachineCatheter Reflow Machine
Vertical Lamination Temperature Stability & RepeatabilityPerformance qualification testing on our catheter lamination system.

MSI Catheter Laminating is superior

Superior Performance

With a four station design and six programmable zones accurate to less than 1mm and programmable speed setting for each individual zone, the MSI Catheter Laminating process is unparalleled in the market. Our innovative laminating technique and precision controls result in even lamination without the longitudinal elongation seen in ovens.

Proven Innovation and Expertise

MSI’s PC controlled vertical shrinker’s Microswirl 360⁰™ thermal nozzle that provides uniform heating while minimizing hot or cold spots during the shrinking process, providing superior results to flat or “c” nozzle technologies.

Ease of Use

MSI’s laminators feature touchscreen PC operator interface designed for saving and retrieving numerous programmable parameters. Unlimited profiles can be saved and recalled as needed, providing easy setup and repeatable process, and optional tubing guides ensure product centering with each nozzle heat zone.

Features and Capabilities

Four (4) Station design with Six (6) programmable zones that are accurate to less than 1mm with programmable speed settings for each individual zone. Process gives the customer the option to move the nozzles down or up throughout the cycle. Unlimited profiles can be saved and recalled as needed, providing an easy setup and repeatable process. Ability to add a tensioning system to keep product centered throughout the whole process.


Our high tolerance machining techniques using best in class materials. Equipment is manufactured at our facility and inspected for quality. We provide materials documentation and software validation, as well as support for your process validation. Our data acquisition and networking capabilities detect performance trends to enhance product performance and quality monitoring.