Catheter Testing Equipment

Catheter Testing Equipment

Our Catheter Testing Equipment Expertise

From Stent retention to Radial force and Torque response to Tractability, Machine Solutions is your solution for Catheter Testing.

Our innovative testing equipment was designed to provide accurate, repeatable, quantitative data giving our customers real results so they can develop world class devices. Utilizing our 20+ years of testing experience Machine Solutions has developed some of the most versatile equipment available enabling our equipment the ability to work with nearly all innervational devices, endoscopes to guide wires.

Partnering with Crescent Design we now offer the (HBLT) Hydraulic burst leak tester which is the industry standard for balloon catheter burst leak testing.


Not looking to purchase equipment? Check out our testing services. The MSI Labs testing team provides Contract Testing or In-house / virtual testing workshops where we develop a protocol and study play with you and run product on any equipment available.

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