Automated Workcell


The “Workcell” is an automated platform designed to improve the quality, speed and cost of multiple balloon catheter and stent delivery production processes.

MSI’s patented balloon catheter pleating and folding equipment has been reconfigured to allow pleating and folding processes to occur simultaneously to significantly reduce takt time. A new automated sheathing process ensures folded balloons are carefully loaded into protective sheaths without risk of twisting or damage.

The system also features industry leading stent positioning capabilities so stents are accurately aligned between marker bands. The system can be configured with standard or film integrated stent crimping heads to protect drug coatings from damage and contamination.

Inspection stations such as stent positioning and leak testing can be incorporated without affecting takt times. 100% quality inspections with batch record storage provides confidence that all products met output criteria.

Catheters are oriented vertically to significantly reduce floor space required. It is estimated that the standard configuration of these machines would require over 25 linear meters of manufacturing floor space. The Workcell can squeeze all of these processes into 2m2 machine.

Full size 350mm Pleat and Fold heads and 120mm Crimp heads are accommodated for on the Workcell platform.

Workcell Features:

  • Single operator can run multiple production processes
  • Parallel processes run simultaneously to optimize takt time and production output
  • Vertical product handling reduces equipment footprint
  • Integrate quality inspections without impact on takt time
  • Automated product handling increases consistency of finished product
  • Customize configuration to meet the needs of your unique process

Rotary Index table from 4 – 12 stations configured
to meet your needs.

10 Station Example Configuration

  • Load/unload
  • Load/unload
  • Initial Inspection w/ Keyence Laser Micrometer and Barcode Verify
  • Pleat w/ unique geometry using WavePleat Technology
  • Pleat w/ unique geometry using WavePleat Technology
  • Fold w/ 250mm Head using WavePleat Technology
  • Autosheathing with Patented Process
  • PreCrimp w/ Stent Positioning
  • Final Crimp w/ Hybrid Film Head
  • Final Inspection w/ Cognex Vision and Leak Testing


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Automated Workcell
Automated Workcell

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