Marker Band Swaging

Automated Marker Band Positioning & Swaging
Automated Marker Band Positioning & SwagingPositions and swages bands automatically
Production Marker Band Swager
Production Marker Band SwagerSmall footprint and repeatable results
R&D Marker Band Swager
R&D Marker Band SwagerGreat results for under $15k
Universal Positioning and Pre-Swage Tool
Universal Positioning and Pre-Swage ToolEnhanced Precision for Error-Free Pre-Swaging

As the industry leader in marker band swaging, MSIs proven technology will eliminate headaches and reduce costs

Superior Performance

MSI swaging products produce superior marker band appearance, repeatable final diameters and improved mandrel removal. Our high-tolerance machining techniques and unique, fixed diameter tooling designs ensure less variability than competitors’ techniques.

Reduced Cost through Automation

MSI’s exclusive design positions the marker band in a precise position on the catheter, then smoothly swages it to a programmed diameter, all with automatic batch processing that doesn’t require an operator. Our automated platform increases throughput, improves yields, reduces cycle time and reduces operating costs.

Proven Innovation and Expertise

MSI’s experienced application engineers can create solutions specific to your needs. We have over 10 years of experience with a wide range of materials and sizes.

Superior Customer Experience

MSI offers free sample processing to prove capability prior to purchase. We have a range of designs available, so you can purchase proven technology at an entry-level price point and add automation features to accommodate high-volume manufacturing. All our equipment comes with standard quality inspection and software documentation to support customer validation.