Heart Valve Crimping

HV1000 Disposable Heart Valve Crimping Tool
HV1000 Disposable Heart Valve Crimping ToolCutting edge and minimally invasive
Disposable Heart Valve Crimping Tool
Disposable Heart Valve Crimping ToolLow cost tool for R&D tests
Spring Release Heart Valve Crimping Tool
Spring Release Heart Valve Crimping ToolRobust benchtop R&D tool
Washable Heart Valve Crimping Tool
Washable Heart Valve Crimping ToolCan be disassembled and washed in autoclave

MSI can take you from your initial crimp to thousands of units per year

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Deliver Quality and Value

Crimping tools are designed to easily and precisely reduce the diameter of large stents that have living tissue attached while operating partially submerged in a saline solution to preserve the tissue integrity. These tools come in a variety of lengths and diameter ranges to crimp balloon-expandable and self-expandable heart valves.

Proven Innovation and Expertise

Transcatheter heart valve crimping tools (HV) from MSI use proprietary segmental compression technology to crimp live tissue products. The disposable heart valve crimper is a low-cost tool for single procedures. It features a small footprint for bedside applications, easy disassembly for cleaning and an integrated, spring-loaded worm drive for diameter lock and fine adjustment.

Ease of Use

MSI equipment is user-friendly. Our even, repeatable radial compression means you get the same great results every time. Heart valve crimping tool models include disposable designs for use in the catheter lab and durable designs for R & D and technology development.

Trusted Partner

We have partnered with several customers to design custom heart valve crimpers which are current used in cath labs around the world. The process begins by building proof of concept tools to support customer needs in an R&D setting. Future developments can lead to cleanable or disposable tools which are sold as a component in our customer’s product packaging.


Premium parts and technology make our transcatheter heart valve crimping tools the best on the market today. They are highly precise and deliver repeatable results. When you need to crimp live tissue products there is no name trusted more than MSI.