Simulated Use Catheter Testing Equipment

Device Testing Equipment
Device Testing EquipmentComplete system for measuring performance of all interventional devices
Trackability Test Equipment
Trackability Test EquipmentAdd measurement capabilities to your current test platform

MSI’s medical equipment testing provides the data you need

Deliver Quality & Value

The interventional medical equipment testing (IDTE) from MSI quantitatively tests, compares, and records performance features of interventional devices. This equipment is ideal for catheters, guidewires, stent delivery systems, colonoscopes, endoscopes, and scope tools. From small footprint equipment that can integrate into existing medical equipment testing structures, to stand-alone systems with a temperature controlled water bath, adjustable medical equipment testing path, and high speed results, MSI has a solution that will meet your needs.

Proven Innovation and Expertise

The IDTE supports your device design from validation to market release, providing validation data as well as product comparison statistics. MSI’s catheter testing equipment and the IDTE equipment can help validate your device to the following international recommendations:

  • ISO (2003). ISO 25539-1 Cardiovascular implants – Endovascular devices – Part 1: Endovascular prostheses.
  • ISO (2000). ISO/TS 15539 Cardiovascular implants – Endovascular prostheses.
  • FDA guidelines – guidance for industry and FDS staff non-clinical engineering tests and recommended labeling for intravascular stents and associated delivery systems

Ease of Use

The IDTE’s ease of use can help improve medical equipment testing outputs and reduce design timelines.  Versatile test configurations and PC controls promote simple, repeatable test setups and provide instantaneous feedback on device design changes. An optional video system allows the user to film a section of the test path and save real-time video with graphical representation of the test data. Test results can be used for regulatory submissions, competitive medical equipment testing and R&D device evaluation.

Superior Customer Experience

MSI offers contract medical equipment testing services so that customers can evaluate the test system prior to purchasing. Our team in Flagstaff, AZ would be happy to host your visit or run evaluation samples to prove our capabilities. Installation and training of the equipment is a breeze as our trained technical staff will visit your facility and teach your teach about standard test methods and calibration. All of our equipment comes with quality inspection documentation and software checklists to support your validation activities.