Laser Bonding


The Laser Welding and Bonding Machine is used to connect fine plastic tubing utilizing an air cooled CO2 laser with closed loop controller/stabilizer. Applications include proximal/distal balloon bonds, soft tip attachment, and other catheter/tube bonding processes.

This machine is ideal for welding of balloon catheters. This connection technology allows short, soft and flexible welding-connections. The end result is precisely reproducible.

All movement axes are highly accurate and the machine is optimized for quick and easy maintenance. During usage, the product is easily accessible and close to the operator for ease of use. The touch screen user interface enables process data and user management.

To learn more about the various models of BW-TEC laser bonding machines please visit the BW-TEC WEBSITE.

Product Features:

  • Optional system 1530 enables processing without need to rotate the product! The laser beam rotates around the components arranged on a mandrel.
  • HMI Touch Screen with data storage and network capable PC
  • Programable parameters: power, welding time, rotation speed, focus position, distance
  • Digital camera for active inspection, screenshots and film of production process



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Laser Bonding
Laser Bonding

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