Stent Loading

Automated Stent Loading Equipment
Automated Stent Loading EquipmentImprove repeatability & reduce cycle times
R & D Stent Loading Equipment
R & D Stent Loading EquipmentSolution to make loading of self-expanding stents faster and easier
Handheld Stent Crimping Tool
Handheld Stent Crimping ToolIntended for R & D applications
Disposable Heart Valve Crimping Tool
Disposable Heart Valve Crimping ToolLow cost tool for R&D tests

MSI has a solution to load the most flexible Nitinol stents

Superior Performance

Stent loading equipment from MSI uses proprietary segmental compression technology to reduce the diameter of self-expanding stents and load them into the stent delivery system. Our patent-pending CrimpPulse™ technology reduces loading forces. CrimpPulse™ lets users load longer, more flexible stents in a single, rapid movement.

Proven Innovation and Expertise

MSI’s revolutionary stent loading method and equipment is used to process self-expanding stents in many leading manufacturing companies. From R & D applications to fully automated manufacturing equipment, MSI’s stent loading line provides medical device manufacturers with a robust, repeatable solution for loading stents while eliminating labor intensive manual processes. We offer free sample processing to prove capability prior to purchase.

Features and Capabilities

Through MSI, you can purchase proven technology at an entry-level price point and add automation features to accommodate high volume manufacturing. Automation platforms increase throughput, improve yields, reduce cycle time, and reduce cost.


MSI ensures the precision of our customers’ processes by using best-in-class materials and equipment to produce our machines. MSI also offers support for customer validation by providing quality inspection reports and software verification documentation. MSI machines can help support your quality control system with optional data acquisition and networking capability for detecting and tracking performance trends. MSI machines are CE marked.