Our stent securement force data was so variable that it required testing of 10+ samples to understand the impact of a change to our crimping parameters. The accuracy of the MSI stent securement testing equipment allowed our engineers to trust the result from a single sample. This enabled us to optimize our crimp parameters while using less samples for a significant cost and time savings.

Our process requires reflowing extrusions with braiding underneath. We tried many of the other laminators on the market, but the reflow finishes were cloudy and mixed. Then we tried MSI’s VS1000 and immediately saw better results – our product now has consistently clean finish. Customers were so happy with the final product that we got two new VS1000 laminators to keep up with demand.

Test data coming from the IDTE was critical to the successful launch of our new product. Original volumes of 10,000 units were tripled because we were able to prove superiority of our product through testing.