Mandrel Straightening Equipment

Mandrel Straightening
Mandrel StraighteningRecycles bent or bowed mandrels

MSI Mandrel Straightening saves you money

Superior Performance

The MSI mandrel straightening process has been proven to reduce cost, and increase the number of usable mandrels. With Precise control of the straightening process the PLC control system allows for easy recipe setup and product change over.

Proven Innovation and Expertise

This incredible automated equipment reduces material cost, works with multiple mandrel diameters without tooling changes, and works with bare and coated stainless steel mandrels.

Ease of Use

With easy to use touch screen interface, servo motor driven motion, PLC control system and easy recipe setup our automated Mandrel straightening equipment is easy to use.

Features and Capabilities

The MSI MS700S Mandrel Straightening Equipment recycles bent or bowed mandrels through an automated straightening process. The straightener utilizes a pick and place handling system capable of picking a single mandrel from a bin and automatically running it through the straightening process to be placed in the output tube upon completion. The MS700S has been configured for use with bare and coated stainless steel mandrels of various diameters and lengths with no need for tooling change.

The Mandrel Straightening Equipment features a touch screen interface and servo motor driven motion. The PLC control system allows for easy recipe setup, product change over, and precise control of the straightening process. Mechanical setup of the MS700S is recipe driven and automatically configured based on process parameters for any given mandrel diameter.