Thermal Bonding

Basic HotboxGreat for low volume production and R&D
Hot Air Process with AutomationAchieve more repeatable results
Horizontal LaminationAnd other custom automation applications

We aren’t just blowing hot air

Deliver Quality and Value

MSI’s hot air equipment is ideal for all balloon bonding, thermal plastic bonding and laminating applications.  MSI offers a variety of designs that support every process level from R & D to production.

Proven Innovation and Expertise

MSI automated hot boxes are used in production facilities across the world. Automated platforms can provide more repeatable results and reduce cost of labor for time consuming applications.

Ease of Use

Handling system automation, process controls and nozzle design are configured to customer specifications and process requirements for optimal bonding/laminating results.

Features and Capabilities

MSI’s thermal bonders improve process outcomes with automatic product handling and highly precise, customizable heating zones up to 750°F. This equipment produces reliable, accurate balloon bonds with improved repeatability and accuracy.