Pressure Manager© is a Windows® based program that can manage the setup, operation and data collection of the Crescent Design Hydraulic Burst Leak Tester (HBLT). The program allows a user to quickly enter, edit and run tests or scripts. While executing a test or script, Pressure Manager© displays a graph of the current pressure, maximum pressure, and one of four volume traces. In addition, Pressure Manager allows the user to save the data collected for later analysis or graphing.

Pressure Manager provides these four primary advantages over standalone HBLT operations.

Balloon Compliance Testing

Contact and Non-Contact, Single and Multi-point Measurement

Balloon compliance testing compares balloon pressure to resulting balloon diameter across a full range of pressure up to 25% above rates burst pressure. Our Balloon Compliance Test Fixture (CTF) allows for the automatic contact measurement of products while submerged in a water bath. A standard, low-force Mitutoyo Digimatic gauge is mounted on an adjustable stand that will accommodate water baths of various depths. The Balloon Compliance Test  fixturing was designed to accommodate a wide range of balloon product types and sizes and all components are corrosion resistant.

Crescent Design’s non-contact, single point diameter measurement systems employ a Keyence Optical Micrometer mounted to a temperature-controlled water bath with specially designed product fixturing.

The Positioning Controller system offers non-contact, multi-point diameter measurement readings during balloon compliance testing. The Positioning Controller consists of a water bath and Keyence LS7070 micrometer mounted to a translation stage that allows the micrometer to be positioned horizontally. It is available with a 14-inch bath (8 inches of travel) or a 20-inch bath (14 inches of travel).

Vacuum Purge Adapter – Automated Catheter Prepping

The Vacuum Purge Adapter (VPA) is another piece in the puzzle for completely automating burst and leak testing with the HBLT. When interfaced with the HBLT and Smart Manifold, the VPA allows for the fully automatic purging/prepping of catheters. The VPA employs a powerful vacuum pump to remove air from the attached product, readying the product for hydraulic testing. The need to manually prep the catheters with a syringe is eliminated.

Features include:

Increased throughput