Smart Manifold – Increase your testing thru-put 10 times

The more you can automate the more you can save, and that’s what our Smart Manifold helps you to do.

Connect our Smart Manifold to our Hydraulic Burst Leak Tester (HBLT) and you can do unattended testing of one to ten parts simultaneously. With three basic testing modes to choose from, the Smart Manifold lets you pressurize all selected ports simultaneously, or pressurize each selected port individually, or pressurize only one port at a time. Plus, you can add our Pressure Manager© Windows-based program to your system to operate the HBLT by remote control and to program tests that ordinarily couldn’t be done with just the HBLT alone.\

So, if you’re looking for an easy, cost-effective way to automate your testing capabilities, connect the Smart Manifold to your HBLT.