SC775S/875S and FH


Available Upgrade Options

  • Vision Alignment
    • Improve stent positionsing accuracy
    • Reduce scrap rates
  • Laser Mic
    • Inspection and verification of crimped stent OD
    • Record diameter results to monitor process trends and quality assurance documentation
  • Vacuum/Pressure Leak Test
    • Integrate leak test for QA
    • Complete test without secondary sheathing process
    • Improve cycle times by running leak test during final crimp stage
    • Reduce product handling
  • Automated Handling with Pneumatic Clamps
    • increase throughput
  • High Pressure (manual regulator)
    • Improves stent securement
  • High Pressure (servo regulator)
    • Improves stent securement
  • Bar Code Scanner
    • Link Barcodes to profiles
    • Eliminate Process errors
    • Increase throughput
  • Data Acquisition to Server
    • Adds an Ethernet module to connect to a network
    • automatically send data to designated server location
  • Decoupled Balloon – Crimp Stages
    • Ability to inflate the balloon as crimp head is moving
    • May improve stent securement in some processes

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