VS1000+ Upgrade


Upgrade Your Vertical Laminator from VS1000 to VS1000+

Increase performance by replacing current components with improved technology that results in higher yields, reduction in lane to lane variability and reduced cycle times. This upgrade can be performed at your facility with minimum down time

Upgrade Includes:

  • On-site Installation
  • Four improved Microswirl 360° nozzles with Tight Seal System
  • Installation of NEW universal gripper rack
  • Upgrade to digital air flow meters
  • Upgrade from obsolete Windows XP
  • Optional safety door also available

Benefits of the upgrade include:

  • Improved nozzle design reduces heat and airflow loss, yielding more consistent output, reducing scrap and allowing decreased cycle times increasing overall volumes.
  • Universal 0-34Fr grippers saves time and increases functionality by providing the flexibility to run product from 0-34fr.
  • User level controls; Admin, Engineering, Operator etc…
  • Optional centering guides remove the need for custom guides for each product size
  • Digital air flow meters improves repeatable recipe set up and consistent lane to lane flow and temperature output


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Video & Images

Digital Flow Meters
Universal grippers 0-34fr
Microswirl 360° nozzle with Tight Seal System
Microswirl 360° nozzle with Tight Seal System
Microswirl 360° nozzle with Tight Seal System

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