Universal Positioning and Pre-Swage Tool


Enhanced Precision for Error-Free Pre-Swaging  

The straightforward marker band positioner is a device designed to facilitate the process of loading, positioning, and pre-crimping marker-bands in a consistent and effortless manner.

The PSW100 is the perfect accessory to MSI’s SW155 and SW255S swaging machines. As production volume increases customers can use the same pre-swage and swaging technology while moving to higher levels of automation and control for manufacturing efficiencies.

Functional Overview

To begin, the user loads the bands onto the catheter, utilizing a built-in tray and groove that streamlines the loading process.  The bands are guided into their designated positions by the positioning shuttle. Once the band is correctly positioned, the pre-swaged die locks the band in place on the catheter inner member with the depression of the thumb screw.   The process is repeated for additional marker bands on the catheter. 

Specification Data:

  • Catheter tip to first band positioning distance minimum: 10mm

  • Band to band spacing distance: 10-279mm

  • Pre-swage band OD diameter range: 0.0010”- 0.0850”

  • Pre-swage die length: 7mm

  • Position resolution: 0.5mm

  • General warranty: 1 year

PSW100 Equipment features:

  • Integrated band loading tray

  • Interchangeable shuttle and die specifically made to your marker band pre-swage OD

  • Adjustable marker band positioning guides for setting band to band and tip to band spacing.

  • Caliper easily connects to base for precision guide placement.

  • Low maintenance

  • Clean room ready

  • Spring loaded open position.


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